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ImageRanger Pro Edition 1 64bit balloon Download

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ImageRanger Pro Edition 1 64bit balloon Download

ImageRanger Pro Edition 1

We live in a time when photos are commonplace, especially with all the phones equipped with pretty good cameras. As such, your computer can be a repository for your photo collection, but it becomes a problem to operate it manually. In this case, ImageRanger comes as an advanced image finding and compilation tool.

ImageRanger indexes photos on your PC or storage drive, so you can:

Load thousands of photos quickly

Find portraits, faces

Sort and filter

Find duplicates and discard copies

Sort in folders by year, location

Quick crop, resize

Manually organize collections from multiple folders

Sort your images from other clip art, clipart

Find low quality photos and increase the contrast of the photos

Perform common image management tasks

Print hundreds of photos

ImageRanger Features

– Image indexing

ImageRanger only needs to search your photo collection once and you can search, organize and filter photos at any time.

– Support NAS and USB drives

The ImageRanger index can be included directly in an external folder. This way you can quickly find and organize your photos on other machines, using a previously built index.

– Sort manually

Exclude only the folders or include only the folders you need when browsing images. Alternatively, ImageRanger can read your entire storage drive.

– Collection

Save and load a collection of previously found images to ensure you can restore important slideshows in manual order.

– Face recognition

ImageRanger detects faces, even in large portraits and group shots, so you can tag faces and quickly find photos with specific people.

– Duplicate removal

ImageRanger shows you the number of duplicate images and allows you to remove excess content.

– Organize in folders

Option to import all your photos into a new folder structure, sorted by time and location of the shot.

– GPS filtering

With built-in GPS location, your photos are automatically sorted by captured city. You can find all photos at 5 meters from a point on the earth

ImageRanger Pro Edition 1

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