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Advanced PC Cleanup 1 Smexi Download

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Advanced PC Cleanup 1 Smexi Download

Advanced PC Cleanup 1

Cleaning your computer has become easier with Advanced PC Cleanup. Removes unwanted programs and files from your computer with a few clicks. Protects your computer from possible malware threats and removes personal information stored on the network. Turn off startup items and remove unwanted programs to speed up your computer.

Key features of advanced PC cleaning:

Advanced Computer Cleanup shows the current status of your Windows computer at the same time. This includes all the unnecessary temporary files, along with the areas you need to look after. It shows storage space that can be released. Search for malware and stored information to protect your identity and system at the same time.

PC for all the mess

The scan shows how much storage space can be restored after all unused files have been deleted from old downloads. Clear personal information stored in your browser.


Solve all problems such as cleaning your computer and increasing productivity with one click. Remove malware, adware, to save the system from potential data threats.

Great features

PC Cleaner

Deletes temporary files and removes the Recycling Bin from the Recycle Bin on your computer.

System manager

Manage your startup list and improve your computer speed.

PC Security

Make sure your computer is protected from network threats.

Optimizing the system

Clean all debris from your computer to improve performance

Advanced PC Cleanup 1

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