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Hard Hit 2021 license movie torrent download

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Hard Hit 2021 license movie torrent download

Hard Hit 2021

Heavy duty 2021. 720p Korean HDRip H264 BONES

Original title:

Also known as: Black Call, Restricted Call, Penalty, Barsinjehan, Eungjing,

Writer Director: Kim Chang Ju

Genres: Thriller, Drama

Tags: bomb, explosion, father-daughter relationship, police, disaster (vote or add tags)

Country: South Korea

Type: film

Release Date: June 23, 2021

Duration: 1 h. 34 min.

Korean language

Subtitles: not applicable

Sung Gyu, director of a banking center in Busan, takes his daughter Hye In to an entrance exam. The phone call to the Hye Ins phone comes with a limited number display (also known as “black call” jargon). She accepts the invitation and her voice tells him: There is a bomb under your seat right now. And as soon as you stop and get out of the car, it will explode, they tell him.

In the heart of Busan, the terrifying career of the Sung Gyus family begins. A call-only urban thriller requires a family search in an unpredictable situation due to a mysterious phone call.

Hard Hit 2021

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